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Executive Directorís Job Description

General Summary

The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Hillsdale Housing Commissionís housing programs, including Hilltop Apartments, under the direction of the Housing Commission.  General responsibilities include accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, purchasing, occupancy, staff supervision and maintenance for these programs.  The Executive Director is responsible for writing and administering grants for programs to enhance housing opportunities in the City of Hillsdale, including but not limited to modernization and funding programs for Hilltop Apartments.  

An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following.  This list is not intended to be all encompassing, and the Executive Director may be called upon to perform additional duties from time to time.


  1. The Executive Director shall have a bachelorís degree in public administration, business, or a related field and/or at least five (5) years experience in an administrative capacity in public service, or any combination thereof.  
  2. The Executive Director shall exhibit a positive management style, be able to lead and motivate staff, possess good communication and conflict resolution skills. 
  3. The Executive Director shall be certified as a Public Housing Manager (PHM) within 12 months of hire. 
  4. The Executive Director shall be possess general computer skills and be familiar with the Internet, E-mail, Microsoft Windowsí operating systems and Microsoft Office software.

General Duties

  1. Manage the affairs of the Hillsdale Housing Commission efficiently and economically, including the determination and quality of services to be rendered, the control of materials, tools and equipment to be used, and the discontinuation of any services, material, or methods of operation when necessary.
  2. Act as liaison for the Hillsdale Housing Commission with the general City Government and other agencies as well as representing the Commission to the public and press.
  3. Network with non-profit and other agencies to afford residents of the City of Hillsdale opportunities for housing services and funding.
  4. Work in conjunction with City personnel for Commission needs.
  5. Prepare and forward required reports and data to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other Federal, State, and local agencies.
  6. Serve as Information Technology/Information Services Manager for the Hillsdale Housing Commission, as specified in the Commissionís Computer Acceptable Use Policy.
  7. Prepare agenda and minutes for Hillsdale Housing Commission meetings.
  8. Propose policies and procedures for the Hillsdale Housing Commission.

Fiduciary Duties

  1. Prepare and submit all financial records necessary for the Commissionís contracted fee accountant.
  2. Recommend annual operating budgets for the Hillsdale Housing Commissionís housing programs.
  3. Monitor budgets and report variances to the Hillsdale Housing Commission
  4. Purchase materials and negotiate contracts and supplies in accordance with the Hillsdale Housing Commissionís procurement policies.
  5. Apply for HUD funding to ensure the Commissionís properties are maintained in proper order.
  6. Prepare bank deposits and cash receipts and maintain an accurate record of the Commissionís financial records.
  7. Invest all excess funds and maintain an investment register in accordance with the Hillsdale Housing Commissionís Investment Policy.

Personnel Duties

  1. Supervise all personnel, including the hiring and coordination of employee duties as directed in the Hillsdale Housing Commissionís Personnel Policy.
  2. Transfer, promote, demote and terminate employees with proper justification, and assess the qualifications and competency of employees to perform available work tasks in accordance with the Hillsdale Housing Commissionís Personnel Policy.

Housing Duties

  1. Interview prospective residents, determine eligibility, check references, verify income, determine suitability, approve or deny occupancy, and establish rent.
  2. Collect rent, issue legal late notices as required and follow up in case of nonpayment.
  3. Enforce lease and housing assistance payment provisions. 
  4. Work closely with residents to promote, support, and maintain housing eligibility and recommend outreach services for residents of the Hillsdale Housing Commissionís housing programs.
  5. Assist in resident planning activities and authorize the use of activity rooms and facilities.

Adopted by board 05/03/2001