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Hilltop Apartments Monitor Job Description


The Monitor is a contracted position; the contractor shall not be an employee of the Hillsdale Housing Commission.  Supervision of the Monitor shall be the responsibility of the Maintenance Person.  Whenever possible, Monitor shall report to the Maintenance Person in any of the areas listed below.  In the absence of the Maintenance Person, the Executive Director, the Housing Commission or its designee shall supervise Monitor personnel.  


1.      Has master key for after-hours tenant lockouts and emergencies.

2.      Management office will provide Monitor with list of approved contractors and emergency services.  Monitor will maintain availability of list so as to have easy access to contacts during emergencies.

3.      Monitor emergency systems and emergency cell phone after business hours and weekends.  Reasonable time off-call will be coordinated with the Maintenance Supervisor.  Personally respond to emergencies while on-call within one hour. (Note that this does not require staying on-site while on-call.) An emergency is defined as:

  1. A plumbing leak or sewer stoppage that may damage personal or Commission property.
  2. Any condition which may cause a fire.
  3. No heat during heating season.
  4. No electricity.
  5. A medical emergency.
  6. Any other conditions which may endanger life or personal or Commission property.

4.      Answer emergency calls, determine if an emergency exists (as defined above), and take necessary action to abate emergencies by performing the following: 

  1. Call 9-1-1, and/or rescue personnel for medical emergencies.  Call police when necessary.  Assist rescue personnel and/or police in gaining entry to building.
  2. Call repair contractors when necessary. Assist service personnel in gaining entrance to the building and area to be serviced.  Assure that service personnel abate emergency and that all areas are secured upon completion of work. Clean up any debris from overflowing plumbing, etc., as necessary.
  3. Call backup personnel when unsure of procedures or if unable to abate emergency.

5.      Salt front entrance sidewalk when necessary,

6.      Make detailed reports of all activities; assist management in the completion of work orders for all emergencies.

7.      Coordinate time off with maintenance or management personnel.

8.      From time to time, the Executive Director, or designee, the Maintenance Person or designee, members of the Housing Commission, or designee, may request that the Monitor perform additional duties not listed in this Job Description, provided that: 1.) The request is reasonable in that it would normally be considered to be in the scope of the Monitor’s area of responsibility; and, 2.) The Monitor shall have the right to refuse such tasks and/or request a hearing with the Housing Commission, should he or she feel that the request is hazardous, dangerous, unethical, and/or discriminatory.

-         Compensation: $1,200 year gross compensation (paid every two weeks). 

 I agree to perform the duties as listed above.  















 Adopted by Housing Commission:  02/01/2007
Approved by Housing Commission: 08/06/98
Approved by Commission Attorney: 08/19/98